Emissions, Air Quality and Climate Change

Construction and operation of the Proposed Development will comply with the Pollution Prevention and Control (Scotland) Regulations 2012 which relate to potential emissions to environmental media, including air, surface water, groundwater, sewer, land and emissions of noise and odour.

There are no significant emissions to air or land associated with operation of any part of the Proposed Development.

No chemicals or additives are introduced to the water used by the Proposed Development. Suitable drainage systems will be implemented to manage this water.

Water vapour is produced in limited amounts during hydrogen production and vented to the atmosphere. On cold days this may create visible plumes; however, these plumes are just water and have no impact on air quality. The oxygen produced during the process is currently intended to be vented to atmosphere although it could be collected if required in future. There is also the ability to vent small quantities of hydrogen as required for operational use of the site.

No works are envisaged that would result in significant release of GHG. The opportunity to provide green energy technology as part of the Proposed Development provides both direct and indirect benefits which can contribute to the Scottish Government’s aims towards decarbonisation by 2045 and can positively contribute to the national agenda on climate change. A carbon payback assessment will be conducted as part of the planning application to estimate the potential contribution from the Proposed Development towards the Scottish Government’s climate change targets.

Noise and Vibration

Given the nature of the Proposed Development and distance from receptors, it is not considered to present a significant impact arising from noise and vibration.

Appropriately designed hydrogen production of the type proposed does not generate significant noise during their operation. However, a noise impact assessment will be submitted as part of the planning application and noise will be mitigated if required.


The construction is unlikely to generate significant quantities of waste. Once operational, the Proposed Development will produce clean waste water which will be managed in accordance with Scottish Environmental Protection Agency requirements.

Waste management will be further addressed within a future Construction Environmental Management Plan for the site.