The Proposed Development will result in changes to views and it is important to show what it would potentially look like as part of the landscape. It is also important that a transparent and objective assessment of potential changes to landscape and views resulting from the Proposed Development is made using established guidance and procedures.

An LVA is being undertaken in line with THC requirements and in accordance with guidance from NatureScot and the Landscape Institute. The LVA examines effects on both the landscape and the views and visual amenity experienced by people living and visiting the area. The potential to mitigate adverse landscape and visual effects will be explored through careful siting and design, ensuring that the infrastructure’s materials and finishes are well specified to help blend into the hillside (additional photomontages have been prepared to show mitigating effect of using a green finish to match development with surrounding landscape), with perimeter fencing and lighting being kept to a minimum.

The LVA will use a series of viewpoints representative of views experienced from publicly accessible locations in the area. The following viewpoints have been agreed with THC and are shown on the Zone of Theoretical Visibility figure:

  • VP01 – Beinn Tharsuinn wind farm access track
  • VP02 – B9176
  • VP03 – Aultnamain
  • VP04 – Unclassified road west of Balleigh
  • VP05 – Beinn Tharsuinn
  • VP06 – Unclassified road at Rhannich

Zone of Theoretical Visibility

The figure below shows the theoretical visibility of the Proposed Development without the screening effect of the woodland and settlement. Taking account of the relatively small size and scale of the Proposed Development and the screening provided by the surrounding landscape and vegetation, the Proposed Development is relatively well contained. Potential views of the Proposed Development will be largely limited to those experienced at close proximity and views from elevated high points to the north, west and at longer distance to the south-west from the summit of Beinn Tharsuinn.