We have…

Undertaken a preliminary peat depth survey.

We found…

Our understanding of the ground conditions and surface water network has informed the choice of site location. The choice of site location has sought to avoid the areas of deepest peat and potential ground water dependant terrestrial ecosystems (GWDTE). The site maintains appropriate set back distances from all natural watercourses.

What we propose to do…

Areas of previously disturbed ground will be utilised as far as possible, including for all connecting facility cables to follow existing access tracks.

Where peat and GWDTE cannot be avoided, location-specific mitigation measures will be set out to minimise potential impacts. This will include a peat management plan. Water management to control surface runoff will be proposed, including water control measures and sustainable drainage systems.

We will include the following assessments as part of the planning application:

  • Drainage impact assessment;
  • Flood risk assessment; and
  • GWDTE.